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Contact a Trainer

Connecting with a trainer on FitFinder is just a few taps away. Here’s how you can start a conversation directly from their profile:


Start a Chat

  1. Visit Trainer Profile: Find the trainer you want to contact and open their profile.

  2. Initiate Contact: Tap the "Contact" button. This action will take you directly to a chat window with the trainer.

  3. Send a Message: Type your message into the text area at the bottom of the screen. Press the send button to dispatch your message. The trainer will be notified of your message.

Manage Conversations

  • Access Chats: You can revisit any ongoing conversations by tapping the chats tab on the bottom navigation bar. This tab stores all your active chats.

  • Notifications: When the trainer replies, you’ll receive a notification. You can also access the chat directly from the trainer's profile at any time.

This messaging feature allows you to communicate efficiently with trainers, making it easier to discuss training needs, ask questions, and schedule sessions.

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