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Updated: May 6

Finding the perfect trainer on FitFinder is straightforward. Whether you’re looking for specific expertise or a nearby fitness professional, our app makes it easy to connect with the right person.


1. Start Searching

  • Open the App: Launch FitFinder and head to the homepage.

  • Browse by Category: At the top of the homepage, you'll find categories like Fitness, Yoga, Boxing, etc. Tap on any category to see trainers relevant to that discipline. Tap again to deselect.

  • Use the Search Bar: Type any keyword related to trainers’ names, specialties, or anything in their profiles to find matches.

2. Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

Enhance your search with filters to find trainers who meet your specific needs:

  • Distance: Adjust the slider to set the maximum distance you’re willing to travel.

  • Gender: Select a gender to view trainers accordingly.

  • Price: Set a price range per session that fits your budget.

  • Rating: Look for trainers with a high rating (up to 5.0 stars) for quality assurance.

3. View Trainer Profiles

  • Select a Trainer: Once you find a trainer that interests you, click on their profile to view more details.

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