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Updated: May 6

Joining FitFinder is simple, whether you're looking to train or be trained. Here’s how to get started:


1. Download and Open the App

Available for iPhone on the App Store. Search for "FitFinder" and tap "Get" to install.

After downloading, Launch FitFinder. You'll start on the public trainers screen where you can browse available trainers.

2. Create an Account

  • Sign Up: Tap the profile tab at the bottom to access the personal area. Choose to sign in or register.

  • Verify Your Phone: Enter your phone number to receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the 6-digit code to proceed.

  • Select Your Profile: Decide if you want to sign up as a Trainer or a Trainee and fill the details:

If You’re a Trainer

  • Personal Info: Upload a clear profile photo and provide your contact details.

  • Referral Code: If you have one, enter the referral code from another trainer.

  • Services and Sessions: Select your specialties (e.g., Fitness, Tennis) and set up session details like duration and price.

  • Resume: Add information about your qualifications and experience.

  • Availability: Specify the days and times you are available.

  • Memberships: List any memberships to fitness facilities.

  • Location: Indicate whether you are stationary or mobile and set your base location.

  • Media: Upload up to 4 photos that represent your training style.

  • Description: Write a brief description about yourself, including any unique skills or languages.

If You’re a Trainee

Final Steps

  • View Your Profile: Tap “See my profile” to review everything. You can edit any section by clicking the edit button.

Congratulations! You’re all set to find or be found on FitFinder.

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