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Local coaches, trainers, and sports instructors, all in one place.

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pregnant woman training
Boxing, MMA
woman boxing, MMA
fitness and sport instructors for all levels
Toronto fitness training
Elder people training
Personalized training
Fitness and sport instructors and trainers
Boxing and MMA coach
Boxing coach
fitness and sport instructors for all levels
Running and cardio training
Elder people training
Basketball coach in Toronto
Personal Training in Toronto
Personal Training in Toronto


All trainers, coaches and instructors in one place

An app made for matching better between trainees and trainers, mentees and mentors, based on your needs.

Find Fitness Professionals based on...

And more...


From fitness, yoga and pilates, to golf, soccer and boxing. Any instructor can join.


Trainers can be found based on years of experience, certifications and expertise.


Either if the trainer’s location is fixed or mobile, based on location.


if it’s the days of the week of hours of the day.


Trainers can mention a facility they offer their service at.

Personal Training in Toronto
Personal Training in Toronto


Anyone deserves to have a trainer

FitFinder - find the personalized training for you to achieve your highest potential,  support people of all skill levels and interests.

Made for people

We are focusing on the human experience, creating meaningful connections between trainees and trainers.


We are looking for coaches, trainers and sports instructors and facilities

Join the top list for fitness and sports professionals, and take part in the revolution.

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