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What is the story of FitFinder?

personal trainer in toronto

Ali Cemilcan Cifterslan

Fitness enthusiastic, software engineer and the founder of FitFinder

Zohar Atenas

To-be-fitness enthusiastic, product designer and the co-founder of FitFinder

In May 2023, while at the gym, Ali observed two beginner trainees—international students struggling with their workout routines. This sparked a question: How could their training be improved? Despite the abundance of online resources, they lacked personalized guidance.

While gyms offer professional trainers, these options are often expensive and limited in choice, typically offering only 4-8 trainers who are bound to the gym’s location. Meanwhile, the freelance market is brimming with diverse and talented personal trainers, each bringing their unique skills and value.

Imagine a platform where every personal trainer in the area could showcase their specialties and services. What if people in Toronto could select a gym based on its trainers or find a personal trainer who could come to their condo gym, perfectly matched to their needs in terms of skills, language, communication style, availability, and proximity?

This vision led to the creation of FitFinder.

Following that insight, Zohar joined Ali in this venture, and together, we began crafting this innovative product. We are driven by a belief that FitFinder can revolutionize the fitness industry by helping individuals find the perfect match to achieve their personal fitness, health, and well-being goals.

Excited about the future, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.


We are looking for coaches, trainers, sports instructors, and facilities.

Join the top list of fitness and sports professionals and be part of the revolution.


Building meaningful connections between trainers and trainees.


To help people achieve their highest potential.

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